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About Us


SMS Telecom is an international IT company that started its activities in 2020 and after 3 years of experience, it has become one of the largest and most reliable collections in the field of importing mobile phones, tablets and smart gadgets and digital equipment from China, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia and export to other neighboring countries.

The most important feature of SMS Telecom is providing the best quality along with the right price along with the high speed of export and import processes. In this direction and to reduce the concerns of its customers, it has established several offices in neighboring countries.


Our mission at SMS Telecom is to create peace of mind for our customers and business partners so that they never have to worry about problems with their products and have the confidence that this company will handle their problems or requests in the shortest time and at the most appropriate cost in accordance with global standards. . For this purpose, the management team and employees of SMS Takam are obliged to carry out their mission in the best way by continuously improving the quality and acquiring the latest knowledge and the required technology.


With the importance you attach to your customers, SMS Telecom deems them worthy of receiving the best service in the world and makes every effort to maintain all working principles at the highest level of global standards. We are also trying to establish regional offices with a faster speed to enter new markets and expand the global activity of this group day by day.

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Major order

To get more information about the bulk order of new products in the field of mobile phones from prominent brands, you can contact the sales experts of SMS Telmam Company.